Ware Washing chemical

  • Ware  Washing chemical
  • Ware  Washing chemical



1. DM WASH - Dishwashing machine detergent

2. DM RINSE - Dishwashing machine drying agent

3. DM SCALE - Deliming and derusting agent

4. OV CLEAN - Oven cleaner

5. PINE 200 - Pine disinfectant and cleaner  

6. BIO PINE GEL - Jelly type pine disinfectant 

7. HDFC - Heavy duty floor degreaser 

8. BIO CL - Sanitizer and cleaner for fangs stains on the bathroom's wall, rubber mats, curtains, etc….

9. LHS-150 - Bactericidal liquid hand soap 

10. DISH WASH - Dishwashing liquid

11. BIO GLCoffee and tea stains remover 

12. BIO S SHINE - Silver wares detarnisher 

13. BIOGRADE DL - A drain line product to reduce the buildup of grease, fats and organic wastes in drain lines.

14. BIOGRADE GT - A grease trap treatment system for the food service industry to digest fats and organic wastes that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines.

15. ODOR ELIMINATOR Is an organic liquid extracted from plant using heat process.

16. BIO SILVER ACT - Powdered cleaning and detergent for pots and pans and for soaking of silver wares together with aluminium foil to give a brighter shine.

17. THERMAL - Heating fuel     

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