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​1. COIL KLEEN B - Air - conditioner cooling coil cleaner Alkaline based.

2. HANDY GEL - Workshop hand cleaner Gel.

3. BIO COPPER BRIGHT - Copper cleaner and brightener.

4. HD FLUX CLEANER - Aluminium brightener.

5. CAR RINSE - Car wash final rinse water repellent.

6. BIO DEBURR GM - Liquid general purpose deburring chemicals. Tumbling soap.

7. BIO HBC - Is a hand barrier cream consisting of several silicone fluid ingredients and cosmetic grade emulsifiers to give inert protective coating and water repellents film on to the skin.

8. SS PICKLING GEL - Workshop hand cleaner gel.    

9.METAL COOL-CUT AP-18 - Vegetable based machining coolant.   

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