Ware Washing Chemical


– Dishwashing machine detergent
2. DM RINSE – Dishwashing machine drying agent
3. DM SCALE – Deliming and derusting agent
4. OV CLEAN – Oven cleaner
5. PINE 200 – Pine disinfectant and cleaner
6. BIO PINE GEL – Jelly type pine disinfectant
7. HDFC – Heavy duty floor degreaser
8. BIO CL – Sanitizer and cleaner for fangs stains on the bathroom’s wall, rubber mats, curtains, etc….
9. LHS-150 – Bactericidal liquid hand soap
10. DISH WASH – Dishwashing liquid
11. BIO GL – Coffee and tea stains remover
12. BIO S SHINE – Silver wares detarnisher
13. BIOGRADE DL – A drain line product to reduce the buildup of grease, fats and organic wastes in drain lines.
14. BIOGRADE GT – A grease trap treatment system for the food service industry to digest fats and organic wastes that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines.
15. ODOR ELIMINATOR – Is an organic liquid extracted from plant using heat process.
16. BIO SILVER ACT – Powdered cleaning and detergent for pots and pans and for soaking of silver wares together with aluminium foil to give a brighter shine.
17. THERMAL – Heating fuel   

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