Rubber Gloves Chemical


– Chlorine eliminator.
2. PAC – Water based polymer C/W silicone.
3. CTF – Coagulant tack free.
4. NF 13 – Is a alkaline base cleaner mainly to remove baked on latex residues.
5. BIOGARD – Is a highly anti – microbial product to protect modified micro starch suspension. Large saving cost in starch from the correct usage of the product.
6. LX STABILIZER – Stabilizer to the latex.
7. STAB COMB – Stabilizer to the latex.
8. OFPC – Is designed primarily for off line and on line coating of the NR latex glove to replace or reduce the usage of powder onto the surface.
9. SLA 101 – Corn starch reducer for slurry tank.
10. IOR 12 – Is clear acidic liquid compound. It is used as cleaning agent to remove inorganic compound and baked on rubber residues from ceramic formers.
11. FC – 5H – Is an alkaline liquid former cleaner specially formulated for removal of baked on latex and polymer residues.
12. FC KLEEN – Is the latest in our range of alkaline former cleaners.This product offers efficient removal of baked-on latex and polystearate residues from the former surface.
13. BIO OLPC – Is the latest polymer designed for the off line coating of natural rubber gloves. The off-line polymer coating process eliminates the chlorination process to produce powder free gloves.
14. BIO SR – Is specially designed to reduce the usage of modified corn-starch in the slurry tanks.
15. SSA / PAC – Is a water based polymers specially formulated to give an excellent ‘ slip ‘ effect to nitrile latex and NR latex gloves.
16. BIO FLEXI COAT – Is the latest range of water-based polymer specially formulated to coat on to NR latex gloves for excellent slip and easy donning.

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