Housekeeping Chemical


1. BIO F
– POLISH – Floor wax polish
2. BIO F – SEAL – Floor wax sealer.
3. BIO F – STRIP – Floor wax stripper.
4. BIO F – SHINE – Spray buff polish.
5. LHS-150 – Bactericidal liquid hand soap.
6. BIO WASH – All purpose cleaner for room, toilet, etc….
7. MPA – Multi purpose cleaner c/w apple fragrance.
8. KLEEN UP – Mosaic floor cleaner.
9. GLASS KLEEN – Window glass cleaner.
10. BIO PINE GEL – Jelly type pine disinfectant.
11. TOILET KLEEN – Public area washroom toilet cleaner.
12. TOUGH GOAT – Permanent floor sealer for slide, cement, etc…
13. KLEEN PLUS – Is a concentrated neutral general purpose liquid detergent with sanitizer. It is formulated from a synthetic blend of non-ionic surfactants at a ratio that gives synergistic cleaning properties.
14. CARPET KLEEN – Carpet shampoo.
15. CEMENT SOFT – Cement stains remover.
16. HUNTER – Heavy duty floor cleaner effectively cleans and remove dirt, etc….
17. DEODORANT BLOCK – Urinal block.
18. GPC – General Purpose Cleaner.
19. BODY SHAM – Body Shampoo.
20. BIO WASH – All purpose cleaner for room, toilet, etc….
21. ODOR ELIMINATOR – Is a pure organic liquid to neutralize odor generally generated by activities of bacteria that inhibited on food medium.    

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