Company Profile

BIO COSMIC is ” scientifically and people oriented ” company. We firmly belief in total commitment to our clients in after-sales services and effective transfer of technical know-how.            
BIO COSMIC which has marketed the specially chemicals mostly from Malaysia provides the latest and the best in modern process technology. We also have the flexibility to provide and formulate products to suit or tailor to your Metal Treatment, Industrial Laundry, Ware-washing, House-keeping, Food Industries, Cooling Tower & Boiler Water Treatment, Swimming Pools Chemicals and Rubber Gloves Chemicals.

BIO COSMIC provides on-loan automatic dispensing system in conjunction to the speciality chemicals being used. Our trained service technicians are ready to service, check and            
advise with the Service Report. Samples will be collected back to our laboratory for analysis
on the characteristic of the treatment programmes. Our Sales Personnel will follow up with the training on Knowing Your Chemicals, Hygiene and Sanitation, Cause & Cure, etc. Our prices on all the products are reasonable priced.  

Local & International

Our Vision

BIO COSMIC will produce chemicals with latest technology, innovative and competitively priced products to satisfy customer needs.

BIO COSMIC will be gearing towards the New Economy of Globalization.

Our Mission

Providing not only excellent products and quality service but also being efficient
and effective in our dealings to all customers and with total commitment in every
of our work.

Our Philosophy

Intergrity is the cornerstone of all our business dealings with all our valued
Utmost care and attention to our employee’s productivity will make the company
Management objectives will be professional and responsive to demonstrate
leadership by example.




1. Metal Treatment Division. We have the capability of doing a turnkey project for : –
– Aluminium anodizing plant.
– Iron, Zinc and Manganese Phosphating process plant.
– Electroplating and Electroless Nickel Plating.
– Supplies of technical know how and whole range of pre-treatment specialty chemicals for the above process

2. Latex Glove Division
– Process Chemicals from cleaning stage up to slurry dipping.
– Specialty chemicals for latex compounding.
– Blended chemicals for Chlorination and Neutralization process.
– Special Polymer coating for premium gloves quality.
– Capability of setting up latex gloves manufacturing plant and also gloves
 chlorination process plant.

3. Foods Division
– Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for food process plants,
  i.e – dairy plants, breweries, meat processors.
– Agency for Hygicult and Easicult from Orion Diagnotica, Finland.

4. Institutional and Laundry Division                    
– Involve whole range of cleaning cleaning detergents to the hotel outlets, clubs, restaurant,    cafetarial, canteen, hospitals and industrial launderers.                    
5. Water Treatment Division                    
– Involve in the chemicals treatment programme for cooling towers, heat exchanger, boilers and swimming pools.                    
6. Textile and Garment Division                    
– Supplies of special washing detergent and softener to achieve superior quality for branded garment.

Our Expertise

Bio Cosmic is managed by Mr.Loke Teng Aik since 1998. 



BIO COSMIC will produce chemicals with latest technology, innovative and                            
competitively priced products to satisfy customer needs.     



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