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1. COS 1D - Mild acidic liquid iodophor detergent and sanitizer fo food processing plant, refuse cans, floors, food service industries.

2. COS 90 - A heavy duty alkaline cleaner with sequestering agent for tough CIP jobs and found suitable in bottle washing operation.

3. COS M - A pink, free flow food grade alkaline detergent used manually to remove a wide range of organic soils, e.g. - animal and vegetables fats, grease and protein found in dairy, cannery, beverage, candy, meat packer, fish packer and poultry plants and other areas like floors and walls.

4. COS QUAT - A mixture of liquid quaternary ammonium compound to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize in breweries, dairy, beverage, confectionery, bakeries and other food processing plants.

5. COS KLEEN - Composed of organic solvents, milk alkalis emulsifying agents, inhibitors and detergents for heavy duty and general maintenance to degrease kitchen areas, ovens, shower stalls, refrigerator units, conveyors, engines, etc..

6. COS HDB - Blends of surfactants and quartenary ammonium compound to emulsify disperse, deodorise, clean and sanitize at one time.

7. COS 51 - An amphoteric sanitizer that is non-toxic, odourless and odourless and do not contain chlorine or other corrosive substances such as acids or alkalis thai is detrimental to metals, rubber, plastics, glass and wood as well as to the sin, sanitizing of surfaces, machinery, equipment, etc… and effective against yeast, fungi, Gram - Positve and Gram - Negative bacteria.

8. COS NITI - An organic halogen complex sanitizer provides bactericidal activity which kills both gram positive and gram negative micororganisms. Chlorine content : 3.25%

9. BIO CL - A pink, free flowing compound composes of chemical combination of alkaline sodium phosphate and sodium hypochlorite in crystal that has a wide range of sanifising and cleaning in milk processing plants, dairy farms, breweries, beverage plants, baleeries, restaurant, meat processing plants, poultry and other institutional areas.

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