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  5. Food Industries

COS 1D Mild acidic liquid iodophor detergent and sanitizer for food processing plant, refuse cans, floors, food service industries
COS 90 A heavy duty alkaline cleaner with sequestering agent for tough CIP jobs and found suitable in bottle washing operation
COS-M A pink, free flowing food grade alkaline detergent used manually to remove a wide range of organic soils, e.g., animal and vegetable fats, grease and protein found in dairy, canning, beverage, candy meat packer, fish packer and poultry plants and other areas like floors and walls
COS QUAT A mixture of liquid quaternary ammonium compound to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize in breweries, dairy, beverage, confectionery, bakeries and other food processing plants
COS KLEEN Composed of organic solvents, mild alkalis emulsifying agents, inhibitors and detergents for heavy duty and general maintenance to degrease kitchen areas, ovens, shower stalls, refrigerator units, conveyors, engines etc
COS 51 An amphoteric sanitizer that is non- toxic, odourless and do not contain chlorine or other corrosive substances such as acids or alkalis that is detrimental to metals, rubber, plastics, glass and wood as well as to the skin, sanitizing of surfaces, machinery, equipment etc and effective against yeast, fungi, Gram - Positive and Gram - negative bacteria
COS LUBE A water soluble low foaming conveyor lubricant designed primarily to lubricate, slat chains bottles and can conveyers in dairy beverage, canning and other food processing industries
COS 11 Specially formulated liquid product for cleaning - in - place (CIP) in food, beverage and dairies processing plants
COS AC An acidic liquid cleaner for CIP system, soak or spray applications in food processing industries to remove milkstone in dairy plant, mineral film, and protein contaminants commonly found in the brewing industry
COS PAA A biocide based on a stabilized equilibrium of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide acetic acid & surfactant
COS FOAM For cleaning at the receiving area, slaughtering and deborning area

  6. Rubber Gloves

SSA/ KCL On line polyacrylic polymer
NEUTRALISER Chlorine eliminator
PAC Water based polymer C/W silicon
CTF Coagulant tack free
NF 13 Is a alkaline base cleaner mainly to remove baked on latex residues
SLA 101-S Is a product which give highly anti microbial to protect modified starch suspension. Large saving in costing with the correct usage of the product
LX STABILIZER Stabilizer to the latex
STAB COMB Stabilizer to the latex
OFPC Is designed primarily for off line and on line coating of the NR latex glove to replace or reduce the usage of powder onto the surface
AD-CC Additive for calcium carbonate in the latex

  7. House Keeping

BIO F-POLISH Floor wax polish
BIO F-SEAL Floor wax sealer
BIO F-STRIP Floor wax stripper
BIO FRESH Air Freshener

Public area washroom toilet cleaner C/W strawberry fragrance

TOUGH COAT Permanent floor sealer for slate, cement, wood etc
CARPET KLEEN Carpet Shampoo
HUNTER Heavy duty floor cleaner effectively cleans and remove the dirt, etc
BODY SHAM Body Shampoo

  8. Swimming Pool

BIO SPC 70% available swimming pool chlorine
BIO SPF Liquid swimming pool flocculant
BIO SPSA Liquid pH control

  9. Industrial

COIL KLEEN B Air - con cooling coil cleaner Alkaline Based
HANDY GEL Workshop hand cleaner Gel
BIO COPPER BRIGHT Copper cleaner & brightener
HD FLUX CLEANER Aluminum Brightener
CAR RINSE Car wash final rinse water repellant
BIO DEBURR GM Liquid general purpose deburring chemicals. Tumbling Soap
BIO HBC Is a hand barrier cream consisting of several silicone fluid ingredients & cosmetic grade emulsifiers to give inert protective coating and water repellants film on to the skin
SS PICKLING GEL Stainless-steel flux cleaner

As our product range is too wide to list all online, please feel free to browse some of our products available online here and forward any queries, request or orders to our main@biocosmic.com

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