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    home   l RUST INHIBITOR An excellent water soluble rust preventive product currently in the markets with good economical value for usage and it is one of our product range in corrosion protection of metals
FEP 100 A liquid iron phosphating agent for cold roll and steel products
BIO ZNP 201 A medium temperature zinc phosphating agent for steel and galvanised products  


  1. Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

COS 120 Corrosion and scale preventive in the cooling tower water
COS 30 ABF Cooling tower algicide
COS 35 MBF Cooling tower algicide
CT 18 Is a 4 in 1 concentrated liquid consisting dispersants, biocides, corrosion & scale inhibitors for total protection of recirculating industrial cooling water system
BIO 112 CH Corrosion and scale prevention in the chilled water system
DERUST 98 Acidic Cleaning Chemicals
COIL KLEEN Cooling Coil Cleaner - Acid Based
COIL KLEEN B Air-Con Cooling Coil Cleaner - Alkaline based

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals


BIO FOA Fuel oil additive
BIO WTAC Boiler water alkalinity control of pH
BIO WTBD Sludge dispersant and conditioner
BIO WTBP Complex polyphosphate for scale control
BIO WTBS Oxygen scavenger for corrosion prevention
DERUST 98 Acidic cleaning chemicals
COS 248 Passivating of metal after acid cleaning of boilers
COS OLD On line descaling

  2. Ware Washing

DM WASH Dishwashing machine detergent
DM RINSE Dishwashing machine drying agent
DM SCALE Deliming and derusting agent
OV CLEAN Oven Cleaner
PINE 200 Pine disinfectant & cleaner
BIO CL Sanitizer & cleaner for chopping boards, coffee & tea making machines, dishwashing curtains etc.
BIOGRADE DL A drain line product designed to reduce the buildup of grease, fats and organic waste in drain lines

  3. Laundry

LAUNTEX P Laundry detergent c/w optical brightener and perfume
BIO DL Powdered chlorine bleach for white item only
BIO GL Oxygen bleach for coloured item
BIO SOUR Laundry alkaline reducer
SOFTNESS A Fabric softener c/w apple perfume
BIO STARCH Pre-cooked laundry starch
GPC-200 Collar & cuff stains remover
OV CLEAN Heavy duty stains remover for cook, jacket, aprons etc